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Chef Boom

Boom Piyanart

When you visit us, you’re sure to see our chef partner Boom Piyanart, affectionately known as Chef Boom, running the show. Chef Boom has been working in restaurant kitchens as chef for almost 20 years. She comes by her love of the business naturally because her family owns a popular restaurant in Thailand. Over these two decades, Chef Boom has cooked a variety of styles and nationalities of cuisine, but fresh, authentic Thai food is her true passion.

In order to bring the best quality and variety of Thai cuisine to Denton, Chef Boom teamed up with the highly acclaimed Royal Thai restaurant in Dallas to create Khao San Thai Kitchen.

She couldn’t have asked for a better pedigree in her partners. Since opening in 1992, Royal Thai has become a Dallas institution, winning awards year after year.

  • D Magazine Best Thai Restaurant

  • Dallas Observer Best of Dallas

  • Zagat “Excellent” Rating

  • Delta-Sky.com’s “8 Great Thai Restaurants” in the U.S.

Royal Thai continues to produce one of Dallas’ highest rated Thai dining experiences. And they’re still located at Lover’s and Greenville in Old Town Shopping Center. Chef Boom and Royal Thai hope you’ll join them for their newest Thai culinary adventure: Khao San Thai Kitchen in Denton.